How to motivate yourself to workout and live healthier? Hacks To Motivate Yourself to Eat Healthier and Do Sport!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Well, girls... We all know, SUMMER IS ALMOST THERE!!
But, hey don't freak out! I am gonna tell you ALL the secrets to stay motivated and don't stop half way!

Let's start!

1- Buy yourself pretty sporty clothes!

And that of course means not just clothes, your whole equipament! Because you know, if you have cool things to do sport you will automatically want to do sport so that you can wear your pretty clothes/use your cool equipament!

2- Discover different cool ways to do sport!

There are so many different ways to move yourself than working out... Skating, going for a walk with listening to good music, swimming, tennis, football, basketball and so so on! Actually yoga is also a good and really interesting way to move yourself! And of course with some one is always better, wich lets me to the next hack:

3- Do sport with your friends!

All the things are better with friends, so sport too! Go for a walk with a good friend, you can talk, laugh, have a good time and also do sport! Is there anything better? You can also goo to the gym, but don't forget to call your friend before! 


1- Make your food look incredible!

If your food looks incredible, you won't have the craving to eat that cookie! This is actually healthy, yummy and looks incredible! 

2- Search for the healthier option!

Are you craving ice cream? You can always have the healthier option, wich is nana ice cream! Just made of bananas :D So yummy! Not because it's healthy, means it taste bad! That tastes amazing!

3- Don't go to far!

Hey, one thing is eating healthier and another thing is beeing obessesed with it! I eat healthy, but I have EVERY DAY  a "treat" (for me is not a treat, because I don't forbid me any kind of food!) Eating just clean, and working out every day is also not healthy at all! The key is the balance :D 

Hope you liked the post! I am sorry that I couldn't use my own pictures, but I am so stressed with exams and so on... The next one, will be with my own ones, I swear! Don't forget to follow me on instagram:  

Have a nice day! 


  1. Toller Post! Mit hübschen Sportartikeln macht das ganze einfach noch viel mehr Spaß, haha <3

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke! Ja, das ist einfach so haha :D<3

  2. Schöner Post- Wenn mal der innere Schweinehund Überhand gewinnt :D

  3. Schöner Post :)
    Das mit den schönen Sportklamotten funktioniert bei mir gar nicht, haha :)

    Liebe Grüße♥
    Meli von

  4. Danke für dein lieben Kommentar und dein Kompliment, hat mich riesig gefreut ! :)))
    schöner Post ! :)

  5. Great post! I love all your tips, I always workout on my own but working out with friends might be really fun! :D

    1. Yes, I do work out sometimes with my friends or even with my brother and it makes a big difference! Thank you for commentig :D

  6. Great tips! Thanks for sharing :) I totally agree that buying cute sports clothes is a major motivator! x

    Ornella || euhnella

  7. Toller und sehr sinnvoller Post! Das mit der Motivation ist ja immer so eine Sache.. Mag deinen Blog und folge dir jetzt <3
    Liebste Grüße,

  8. Boas dicas <3

  9. Lovely tips! I'm really lazy when it comes to workout!
    Nati xx

    1. hahah I was too but now is kinda easier :D Thank you!

  10. Cooler Bericht :) Dein Blog ist sehr motivierend:) Großes Lob, weiter so:) Habe dich gleich abboniert und freue mich auf weitere Beiträge von dir:)

    Liebste Grüße, Melli

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