Spring Outfit: Mexican Shirt

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I actually didn't know that this kind of shirts are called "mexican shirt" but yeah...
I am so so inlove with this kind of shirts! I would wear them every day! They're so girly haha.
Love it!
So yesterday lucky me it was a sunny day, so I could wear it and take some pictures for you guys! So hope you like it!

Let's see the pictures! 

    sorry for that weird face, s the sun was shining me right in the face :') 


(sorry for doing always the same pose, we didn't have that much time to take pictures because it started to rain after 5min of taking pictures :( ) 

I hope you liked the pictures and the outfit as well! Comment down bellow if you liked it or not, and feel free to suggest me new post ideas that you would like me to do! :D Don't forget to follow me on instagram if you want to see more pictures like that! https://instagram.com/carla.s.m/

Have a great day!<3

Drugstore Haul: Essence, Treacle Moon, Maybelline...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yes, another haul... OOPS.
I swear, I didn't want to spend more money, but I did a big mistake and went with my friends in the center... With money in my purse.
Trouble, trouble...
Well at least are cool and necesary things, well not all of them... :D
Let's start!

Rocket Volum Express Mascara from Maybelline 
Price: 8,50 Euros
I'm so in love with this mascara! I totally recommend it :D 

Eyeliner Pen from Essence
Price:1,95 Euros
Hate it. Hate it and hate it another time. The color is not even black, and it should be black! 

Kajal Pencil from Essence
Price: 0,99 Cent
I actually always buy these kajals, they're cheap and good!

Brownzer Powder from Essence
Price:3,95 Euros
Tone: Natural
It smells like coconut! Love it! 
Fixing Powder from Essence
Price: 1,95 Euros
It's a basic for me, I love it!

Fit me Concealer from Maybelline
Price: 4,95 Euros
Tone: 20
Second time buying it!

Baby Lips from Maybelline
Price: 2,45 Euros
Tone: The orange one: Cherry me
The black one: Strick the rose
Really cute tones and they moisturize the lips pretty good!

Body Milk from Treaclemoon
Price: 0,99 Cent
Sweet Blueberry Memories smells like blueberry pancakes!
Iced strawberry dream smells like strawberry :') 

That was the haul! Hope you liked it, and comment down bellow wich product you like it better! :D Follow me on instagram if you want to see more cool pictures: https://instagram.com/carla.s.m/
Have a wonderful day!! :D 

Spring OOTD: Boyfriend jeans&Cardigan, why not?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello! Today it's time to show you a new outfit!
I'm always so exited when I do an outfit post, I don't even know why haha. Lately I've been so satisfied with my pictures, so I am really happy to show them :)
But anyway, let's talk about the outfit! I called it: Boyfriend jeans&Cardigan, why not?
The question is why this name? :') Well, I always had the idea that this kind of cardigans look good just with shorts, so I was really sad because I would have to wait a lot until the weather is warm enough to wear shorts...
-Guess what?!?! I said.
-I am gonna try it with a pair of boyfriend jeans!

So here we go, that's the result!

Cardigan: Primark
T-shirt: Zara
Boyfriend jeans: H&M
Shoes: Nike (Air force)

Some extra pictures, because why not?

And Black&White because it's more cool :')

Hope you liked the post! Comment if you liked the outfit :D Follow me on instagram: https://instagram.com/carla.s.m/ 

Have a nice day! 

Wish List: May 2015.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

What I would make without my wish list...
I have way way to many wishes, but I this time I picked up just 4, AMAZING! Just kidding, but really I want usually loads of things but this month I want actually just 4 things! But some of them are not actually thaaaat cheap, oh well at least dreamig is free... So let's start!

1-Triangl Bikini

This bikinis are just so so perfect!! But so so expensive :( Anyway, my favorite one is the one of the collage. I think neon colors with tanned skin looks so good, that's why I think this combination would look so lovely. Maby in the future, who knows haha...

2-Nikon 2300

I want this freaking camera since 4 years now, and always happens something and I can't buy it. Oh well, my I Phone does good pictures but not nearly the same as a good camera. Keep dreamig Carla... :')


Ok, that's something more realistic. The last year I wanted already to buy one, but I don't know why I didn't... Now I'm just searching for the perfect one, hope I can find a good one!

4- Bronzer and Highlight Palette

To be more spezific I want it in the cream form not in the powder form, just saying... (can somebody buy me one?) 

Hope you enjoyed the post and have a beautiful day!

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