Autumn Essentials 2015! Tee, Timberlands und viel mehr...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hallo Leute! Heute noch mal was zu den Thema "Herbst", denn ich liebe herbst und deswegen gibt es auch für mich Herbst Essentials die nie fällen sollten.
Also fangen wir einfach mal an!

Tee ist so eine Sache die aufjedenfall immer da sein muss, aber wenn es herbst ist dann hat man noch mehr lust auf Tee! 
Ich persönlich finde ich den Caramel Apple Pie von Teekanne sehr gut, oder den Grüner Tee von Lord Nelson ist auch sehr gut.

2- Stiefel
Hier den Herbst ist immer besonderes klat deswegen brauche ich unbeding ein paar gute Stiefel! Die finde ich richtig gut, vielleicht einbisschen teuer aber es lohnt sich aufjedenfall! Ich habe meine Timberlands seit 1 Jahr und die sehen wie neu aus :D  

 3- Ein Mantel
Da ja es schon kalt ist, aber nicht zu kalt um eine Winterjacke anzuziehen, ziehe ich zurzeit sehr gerne ein Mantel an. Zum Biespiel den hier ist von Kult und ich liebe ihn *-*

4- Sweatjacke
Eine Sweatjacke ist einfach nur perfekt wenn man draußen Sport machen will! Ich gehe sehr gerne joggen durch den Wald weil es voller Blätter ist, es ist einfach so schön! Jedoch es ist schon sehr kalt, deswegen greife ich gerne zu eine Sweatjacke, die ich hier, im Online-Shop von Lidl gefunden habe. Die Marke heißt Crivit, dieses Modell unten in grau finde ich zum Beispiel sehr gut.

Ich hoffe der Post hat euch gefallen! Was ist eurer Autumn Essential? 
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Ich wünsche euch noch eine schöne Woche! 

Outfit Inspirations: Autumn/Winter 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hallo Leute! Heute habe ich mal wieder ein Outfit Inspirations Post! Mein letzer war vor 3-4 Monate also ich musste unbeding wieder mal einer machen :D
Heute werde ich euch ein paar Inspirationen geben falls ihr nicht so wirklich weiß was ihr im Herbst/Winter anziehen sollt!
Also fangen wir mal an :D

Hi guys! My last Outfit Inspirations Post was way to long ago so I decided to do finally another one!
Today I am gonna show you some Outfit Inspirations for Autum and Winter, so let's get started!

Mantels sind generel wünderschön, aber in caqui? Noch mehr.

Wenn es nicht so kalt ist kann man einfach ein kurzes Oberteil anziehen und da drüber ein Mantel und fetig! Chic und lessig.

Ein etwas Moderner Outfit, einfach eine Bomber Jacke und dann Boyfriends jeans und dann ist man schon super cool angezogen.

Ich fand dieses Outfit super schön, ist irgenwie chic aber gleichzeitig modern.

Und das Outfit finde ich super schön für die Schule, oder für ein Shopping day. 

Und ein edgy style musste einfach dabei sein, ich liebe dieses Outfit! 

Ich hoffe der Post hat euch gefallen! Wenn ihr Postwünsche habt, dann einfach kommentieren :D 
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Back to School Guide: Organization&Motivation Tips! How to have better marks?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sadlly, in 12 days I will start the school again :( My holidays were way to short!
Anyway, I thought about making a "Back to School Guide". As everybody wants to have a great start,

so let's get started!

Tips to have Better Marks, be more Organized, be Motivated...

1-Do or Print a Timetable:
Write down the days of the week and down bellow the lessons that you have every day. Don't forget to put the hour you have each lesson at the side of you plan, just like that:

Pack your schoolbag every evening, taking a look at your school timetable. You won't forget anything at home!

2-Get a School Agenda:

Get a School Agenda to write down any important things, and of course your homeworks!
I write the homeworks at the day that I have to present them, so I know how much time I have, to do it.

This is my School Agenda of this year:

3-Have a Homework Station/School Station:

Having a pretty organized place for school stuff, motivates me a lot to study or do homeworks. I have a drawer where I put all my school stuff, and a second one where I put the books. You can do your School Station wherever you want, here is mine and some more inspirations!



4-Organize your time:
Set times for activities, homeworks, free time, study... If you plan your day, you are making sure to be able to have free time and to study as well! Do a plan in you School Agenda, that's for example my plan:

14:00 Lunch time
15:00 Check out social media
15:30 Dress myself for the figure skating practice
17:15 Back at home, eat something, quickly check out my phone
17:30 start homework, study... 

And after finishing my homeworks, I have a bunch of free time until dinner time! :D
There are also some days were I don't have figure skating practice, but I always do my homeworks first so that I make sure I don't end doing them at 12 p.m! 

5-Leave aside the activities if you have a lot of work to do, or study for an exam.
It's really important to know that the school is more important than going to a party, or hanging out with your friends. I know, doing school stuff sucks, I hate it too! :') I would love to hang out with my friend rather than be closed at home studying! But in the future you will say thank you for have stayed that afternoon in you home, although it sucked so much :D

I hope you liked this post, it took me quite a lot to do it so I will love to read some opinions about it! :D Don't forget to follow me here and on Instagram: 

Comment down bellow if you like the school or if you hate it! Do you have some more tips? Write them down as well :D

Have a nice day! xx

Outfits Inspirations: Summer 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The summer is there girls! That means, NEW CLOTHES!!
Of course one of the best things of the summer is the fact that you can wear so many different and beautiful things...
I am mean you can wear a dress without a jacket, isn't that perfect?
I don't know if you have the same problem, but when I have so many outfits in my head I end up wearing a weird outfit.
That's why I want to give you some inspiration for those who don't really know what they want to wear this summer!

Let's start:

1-Basic but with style: 
Love to combine basic clothes and then add accessories, such as that beautiful bag or the hat... Is perfect to meet your friends, or just to go for a walk in the beach!

 2-The sweet girl

All the clothes made of lace are just so sweet and cute! Perfect for all these sweet girls that want to spend a good day with their friends or maby with that boy hahah

3- I don't care what the other think about me.

If you are one of these girls who don't care about anything; this kind of outfit is perfect for you! Different but reaally stylish.

4-College Girl.

If you still have some days of school, this outfit is perfect for you! So sweet and perfect  for the school.

5- Is not that warm.

I know, not in all the countries is thaaat warm to wear shorts. But that does not mean that you can wear beautiful outfits! Such a cool outfit!

6-Basic but cool.
Another basic outfit, but that does not mean that is not cool. I find it some times even better!

7-That Tumblr girl...

This outfit just reminds me of these perfect dressed tumblr girls, so beautiful! 

8- I want summer, now!

Sometimes is warm, but not warm enough to wear completly summer clothes. Just wear a cool cardigan and tadaaa; PERFECT.

All these pictures are from Forever21

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Morning Routine: Weekend! Breakfast idea, relaxing day...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

What is better than waking up knowing that you don't have to go to school? :D NOTHING!

It's time to show you my morning routine in the weekends or free days, so let's start!

The first thing I do, of course is check the social media! Instagram pretty much, I am so addicted! ( My instagram is btw :D )

Then I go to the kitchen and make myself an amazing and yummy breakfast! 
This time I decided to go for a banana-nutella Oatmeal, so yummy!

The recipe: 3/4 cup oats
                   1/2 milk
                   1 big ripe banana
                   2 big tsp nutella
Pour the oats and the milk in a saucepan at high-heat. When it starts to bubble, stir the mashed banana and mix well. When it's in the right concistency for you, take the saucepan out of the heat and add the nutella mix well and tadaaaa! Easy and yummy :D 

Then I go to the toilet and wash my skin with a washgel: 

And then I hydrate my skin with this bodymilk ( I know it's not actually for the face, but it work for me pretty well :D )
I have 4 of Treacle Moon, today I went for the "Cold strawberry dream" :D 

And as I have time for myself, I realx and do my nails :) 

This nailpolish is from Essence and it's the color: 24 indian summer

And then I just realx, watch a movie, or read some books while my mask is resting in my skin! 
Today I used a choc one :D 

Hope you liked the post! If you have some special post idea that you want me to do, feel free to comment it! Do you like this kind of posts? Don't forget to follow me on instagram:

Have a nice day!

How to motivate yourself to workout and live healthier? Hacks To Motivate Yourself to Eat Healthier and Do Sport!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Well, girls... We all know, SUMMER IS ALMOST THERE!!
But, hey don't freak out! I am gonna tell you ALL the secrets to stay motivated and don't stop half way!

Let's start!

1- Buy yourself pretty sporty clothes!

And that of course means not just clothes, your whole equipament! Because you know, if you have cool things to do sport you will automatically want to do sport so that you can wear your pretty clothes/use your cool equipament!

2- Discover different cool ways to do sport!

There are so many different ways to move yourself than working out... Skating, going for a walk with listening to good music, swimming, tennis, football, basketball and so so on! Actually yoga is also a good and really interesting way to move yourself! And of course with some one is always better, wich lets me to the next hack:

3- Do sport with your friends!

All the things are better with friends, so sport too! Go for a walk with a good friend, you can talk, laugh, have a good time and also do sport! Is there anything better? You can also goo to the gym, but don't forget to call your friend before! 


1- Make your food look incredible!

If your food looks incredible, you won't have the craving to eat that cookie! This is actually healthy, yummy and looks incredible! 

2- Search for the healthier option!

Are you craving ice cream? You can always have the healthier option, wich is nana ice cream! Just made of bananas :D So yummy! Not because it's healthy, means it taste bad! That tastes amazing!

3- Don't go to far!

Hey, one thing is eating healthier and another thing is beeing obessesed with it! I eat healthy, but I have EVERY DAY  a "treat" (for me is not a treat, because I don't forbid me any kind of food!) Eating just clean, and working out every day is also not healthy at all! The key is the balance :D 

Hope you liked the post! I am sorry that I couldn't use my own pictures, but I am so stressed with exams and so on... The next one, will be with my own ones, I swear! Don't forget to follow me on instagram:  

Have a nice day! 

Spring Outfit: Mexican Shirt

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I actually didn't know that this kind of shirts are called "mexican shirt" but yeah...
I am so so inlove with this kind of shirts! I would wear them every day! They're so girly haha.
Love it!
So yesterday lucky me it was a sunny day, so I could wear it and take some pictures for you guys! So hope you like it!

Let's see the pictures! 

    sorry for that weird face, s the sun was shining me right in the face :') 


(sorry for doing always the same pose, we didn't have that much time to take pictures because it started to rain after 5min of taking pictures :( ) 

I hope you liked the pictures and the outfit as well! Comment down bellow if you liked it or not, and feel free to suggest me new post ideas that you would like me to do! :D Don't forget to follow me on instagram if you want to see more pictures like that!

Have a great day!<3

Drugstore Haul: Essence, Treacle Moon, Maybelline...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yes, another haul... OOPS.
I swear, I didn't want to spend more money, but I did a big mistake and went with my friends in the center... With money in my purse.
Trouble, trouble...
Well at least are cool and necesary things, well not all of them... :D
Let's start!

Rocket Volum Express Mascara from Maybelline 
Price: 8,50 Euros
I'm so in love with this mascara! I totally recommend it :D 

Eyeliner Pen from Essence
Price:1,95 Euros
Hate it. Hate it and hate it another time. The color is not even black, and it should be black! 

Kajal Pencil from Essence
Price: 0,99 Cent
I actually always buy these kajals, they're cheap and good!

Brownzer Powder from Essence
Price:3,95 Euros
Tone: Natural
It smells like coconut! Love it! 
Fixing Powder from Essence
Price: 1,95 Euros
It's a basic for me, I love it!

Fit me Concealer from Maybelline
Price: 4,95 Euros
Tone: 20
Second time buying it!

Baby Lips from Maybelline
Price: 2,45 Euros
Tone: The orange one: Cherry me
The black one: Strick the rose
Really cute tones and they moisturize the lips pretty good!

Body Milk from Treaclemoon
Price: 0,99 Cent
Sweet Blueberry Memories smells like blueberry pancakes!
Iced strawberry dream smells like strawberry :') 

That was the haul! Hope you liked it, and comment down bellow wich product you like it better! :D Follow me on instagram if you want to see more cool pictures:
Have a wonderful day!! :D